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Sustainable Christmas – 1000 trees for PROJECT TOGO

By 11. November 2022No Comments

We have chosen a more sustainable Christmas this year and have made a donation of 1000 trees to a re-forestation project in Togo. Together with Alpha Strike Labs, we want to support the protection of the environment and skip traditional Christmas gifts for our clients this year. Instead, we support PROJECT TOGO by natureOffice, a project that supports climate protection and the improvement of social structures.

Our company forest is part of a forest belt around the project village of Sokpokope in Togo, Africa. The seedlings planted in July 2022 will protect the village from an increasing number of sandstorms. The forest belt will then act as a natural shield, protecting the village from the sand and wind.

In addition to the re-forestation, the project is aimed at improving social structures. Only this way a future-oriented basis can be created so that the local people can stay in their home country and collaborate in the development of Togo. PROJECT Togo focuses on re-forestation, water, energy, health, education and work.

More info on the climate protection project