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Limes Security is a qualified body (QuaSte) according to NISG

By 4. February 2021No Comments

For providers of critical infrastructure services, i.e. organizations in the fields of energy and water supply, transport, banking and healthcare, as well as digital infrastructure, it is now possible to be audited both on an organizational and technical level by Limes Security in accordance with the NISG.

Limes Security was authorized as a certification organization by the Federal Ministry of the Interior on November 26, 2020, and is thus a qualified body under the Network and Information Security Act.

Under the Network and Information System Security Act (NISG), since July 2019 operators of critical infrastructure services have to prove on a regular basis that adequate and reasonable security precautions have been taken with regard to network and information systems. This proof is provided through an audit by an official qualified body (QuaSte). Since November 2020, Limes Security has been a recognized testing body according to the NISG and is allowed to perform both as organizational and technical tests.

“Our projects in the field of OT Security have so far mainly taken place in European and more distant countries, where our technical and organizational expertise in securing critical infrastructures is extremely appreciated in international comparison. Therefore, as Austria's leading OT Security company, I am all the more pleased to now be able to make these many years of testing experience more available to Austrian service operators as a QuaSte. In this way, we are finally using our expertise to strengthen not only foreign, but especially our own domestic supply infrastructures and make them more resilient against attacks. Our many years of cross-industry experience from working with industrial manufacturers, system integrators and operators will enable us to make the best possible contribution to this.”

Prof. Thomas BrandstetterManaging Partner of Limes Security GmbH

The NIS Act serves to protect critical infrastructure and is the national implementation of the EU NIS Directive. The aim is to protect critical infrastructure through uniform cyber security standards and to test them on an ongoing basis. A high level of security for network and information systems is becoming more important as cybercrime increases.

“Especially in times of increasing cybercrime and state-backed attackers targeting specific infrastructures with absolute precision, the NISG and the resulting audits help to better ensure the security of supply via digital means” says Tobias Zillner, also Managing Director and NIS auditor of Limes Security. “Through risk analyses and technical audits, security measures are evaluated by us, and continuous improvement processes are initiated to improve resilience.”