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Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap: E-Learning for Creating a Secure Industrial Sector

By 27. February 2024No Comments

In a fast-paced digitalizing world, the risk of cyberattacks is constantly increasing. This is a major challenge for manufacturers and plant operators: the Fortinet Global Cybersecurity Skills Gap Report shows as many as 84% of companies have had at least one security incident involving non-technical factors.

The key driver? A combination of

  • lack of qualified security staff,
  • lack of skills and
  • insufficient security awareness.

How can companies build up the required OT Security know-how?

In order to develop a company-wide understanding of OT Security and secure OT operation, it is important to provide training on as broad a basis as possible so that all the relevant employees are involved, regardless of whether they work in IT, maintenance or plant operation.

E-Learning is a great way to learn at your own pace and receive relevant and up-to-date information, regardless of time and location. This flexibility is particularly important in the context of work shifts and plant operation, as it can be challenging to find time slots for learning and training activities due to tight production schedules.

“E-Learning naturally complements our mission to provide in-depth security knowledge and skills in OT Security, with a focus on engineers in the KRITIS and production sectors. They are experts when it comes to machines, systems or trades, but due to the increasing digitalization, nowadays they need at least basic knowledge about security in order to perform their tasks. With our E-Learning, we are able to supply larger groups of people in manufacturing and plant operation with new knowledge in a short space of time.”

Thomas BrandstetterTrainer Limes Academy

The OT Security Fundamentals and OT Security Awareness trainings are aimed at anyone who works in/with OT and needs to understand how security risks arise. Most participants work in roles such as plant planners, plant engineers, maintenance engineers, control system technicians or plant operators. We use familiar terms from industry and automation to ensure that engineers gain a good understanding.
A seamless and interactive learning experience is made possible by the integration of Q&A sessions with Limes Academy experts and the option of integrating the courses into the company-wide learning management system or using the Limes Security learning management system.

The goal is to equip everyone involved in the value chain, i.e. staff from component manufacturers, machine and plant manufacturers as well as plant operators, with the necessary expertise for their area of work. This means that new employees can be quickly trained in the field of OT Security and established teams can develop and improve their skills.

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