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Far away, but still on site: security testing with distance

By 10. September 2020January 11th, 2021No Comments

An attacker in your own network: Many companies had to go through this worst-case scenario. With Limes Security, companies have a strong partner who identifies and points out these dangers and is now even more flexible. With a new system, Limes offers the possibility of being virtually on site at the customer’s premises. This saves costs and time, and these days, helps to protect employees. The effort on the part of the customer is minimal, while at the same time a wide range of test types can be covered.

For Limes Security, personal customer contact is particularly important, especially for security assessments such as penetration tests. These are preferably carried out by experts on site at the customer’s premises, thus ensuring, among other things, that the customer’s individual needs can be met. Due to situation, one must deal with obstacles such as travel restrictions or internal company regulations on social distancing, but also for the protection of employees, on-site penetration tests are not always feasible at present. On top there’s economic and practical reasons, that often speak against being physically at the customers premises.

The demand for security testing naturally continues. Nevertheless, systems and components must still be tested for their security, whether due to internal specifications, legal or contractual obligations.

To meet these requirements and still offer the best possible protection for customers, Limes Security has developed a system that creates the possibility of security assessments without making the component to be tested accessible via public Internet or VPN access.

The advantages of the new solution in short:

  • Cost-efficient: No more travel time and expenses
  • Flexible: travel restrictions are no obstacle
  • Ready for use in no time: the system can be replicated and only needs to be sent by mail
  • Minimal configuration effort: customers only need to activate an outgoing connection in the firewall
  • Secure communication: using proven technologies and encryption mechanisms, a secure tunnel to a Limes Security Server is established

How does it work?
Core of the system is a powerful Mini-PC, which is sent to the customer by mail. To exclude manipulation from outside, the operating system is encrypted. In addition, it is configured so that it connects to a server under the control of Limes Security via a secure connection without exception. Further access is also provided via this server. This way, customers only need to release an outgoing connection to this server. Only Limes employees who are entrusted with the project have access to the server. This ensures that the need-to-know authorization principle is observed.
Virtual machines are stored on the system for the various test cases, each of which is exclusively assigned a network interface. This, in turn, makes it possible to avoid dual-homed systems. The interface can thus be connected to the test-relevant network segment without creating a bridge between the network segments and opening up potential security gaps.

In order to meet all customer needs, the various use cases and also setups, Limes Security also offers the option of providing a virtual version of the system for download.

Naturally, Limes Security still attach great importance to customer contact. Projects of this type are accompanied by constant communication with the customer. Test scenarios and activities are discussed in advance, and project participants are kept informed about each phase.

The system can, of course, be duplicated, but the experts at Limes, who supervise the projects and perform the tests, cannot. Therefore, please contact us promptly to protect your system from any security gaps.

Do you have any questions on this topic? We are happy to help!