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E-Learning Terms of Use

Conditions of participation for trainings of Limes Security GmbH

1. Scope of Application

These General Terms and Conditions of Participation apply to the provision of training, e-learning and further training measures by Limes Security GmbH (hereinafter referred to as Limes Security). 

2. Registration and Order

At  you will find the complete training offer with all details and can register there directly. Registration becomes binding upon confirmation of registration from Limes Security or TÜV Austria Akademie. Places are limited and will therefore be allocated in the order of registration. Please note the registration deadline of at least 5 working days before the start of the training.  

3. Participation Fees and Terms of Payment

The prices listed in the list of courses or on the website are valid plus the legal value added tax. These are due for payment immediately after invoicing without deductions and stating the invoice number. A surcharge of 7% will be charged for payment by credit card (PayPal). We will send you the invoice to the e-mail address you provided in the registration form before the start of the training. Unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation, the participation fee is per person and event date and includes digital training materials as well as lunch and drinks during breaks for public trainings. E-learning trainings do not include digital training materials, unless stated otherwise. Travel costs for our trainers for in-house trainings are not included in the training price and are offered separately. 

4. Examination and Certificate Fee

The currently valid examination and certificate fee can be found in the course program of the TÜV AUSTRIA Academy. If you decide to cancel your registration for the examination, you must do so in writing and there will be no charge for this up to 7 working days before the examination date. After that or in case of non-attendance, the full examination fee will be charged. The examination and certificate fee includes the issue of a certificate (German or English). The fee for an additional certificate can be found in the course program of the TÜV AUSTRIA Academy. It is possible to repeat the examination once free of charge, on the date scheduled by the certification body. Further examination repetitions will be charged according to time and effort. Unless agreed separately, e-learning trainings generally do not include certification. 

5. Accommodation

Hotel reservations and costs for accommodation and meals outside seminar times are at the customer’s expense. 

6. Execution and Cancellation

Limes Security reserves the right to cancel the trainings offered if the minimum number of participants is not reached (with the exception of e-learning trainings). Limes Security also reserves the right to change trainers and venues as well as to change dates and the program schedule. Participants will be informed of any changes in good time. If a training does not take place, any payments already made in respect of participation shall be refunded to the participant without deductions. Further claims by the client are excluded; this also includes the case that a participant misses a seminar day through their own fault. 

7. Training Times

The specified training times, in particular the training duration as well as the end times, are to be understood as indicative values which can be influenced by interactive elements or discussions with the participants. Our trainers strive to offer the best possible learning experience for training participants. However, there is no claim to exact adherence to the training time. If at least 80% of the training units are attended, the participant will receive a certificate of attendance. Training times for e-learning trainings can be chosen freely and individually by the participant. After successful completion, e-learning users also receive a certificate of attendance. 

8. Revocation and Cancellations

Cancellations for trainings must be made in writing and are free of charge up to 7 working days before the start of the event. The cancellation deadline is only deemed to have been met if the written notice of cancellation is received within the deadline at the e-mail address provided for the training registration. From 6 working days up to 1 working day before the start of the event, 30% of the participation fee will be charged for cancellations. If a registration for a follow-up training on the same topic is made during this period, a reduced cancellation fee of 10% will be charged. There is no entitlement to a subsequent date, the corresponding new registration must be confirmed by Limes Security. In case of no-show or cancellation from the (first) day of the event, the full attendance fee will be charged. The cancellation fee is due when the declaration  of withdrawal becomes effective and must be paid regardless of the reasons for withdrawal. The cancellation fee shall not apply if the customer names a substitute participant who meets the admission requirements and pays the participation fee. 

E-Learning trainings begin on the day the login details are provided. The login details shall be provided at the latest within 7 working days of receipt of full payment by Limes Security or by an agreed deadline. Cancellations of E-Learning trainings that have already been purchased are not possible. 

9. Changes of Booking

A desired rebooking to another training or another date must be made by the customer by e-mail. Whether a rebooking is possible, and under what conditions, is to be assessed by Limes Security on a case-by-case basis. There is no right to rebooking. 

10. In-house Training

Please get in touch with us in good time so that your desired appointment can be taken into account. The reservation can be made only after presentation of the written order. 

11. Copyrights and Licensing

All training content and materials, including E-Learning trainings, are protected by copyright for Limes Security GmbH. For E-Learnings, the participant or his organization receives a license for use for an agreed period of timeThe term “material” includes all printed materials as well as all digital media, virtual machines or digital assets offered by Limes Security and intended for use in a Limes Security training. Training materials are intended for the personal use of the training participant only. For all training materials provided, regardless of media format and purpose, it is prohibited to present, copy, reproduce or distribute and create derivative works with or without modification without the express prior written consent of Limes Security. Furthermore, the training material may not be used commercially in any way without the express written consent of Limes Security. 

The recipient of this agreement must pay a penalty of EUR 10.000 for each violation of this agreement. If a personal certificate was acquired as part of the training, it will be withdrawn from the recipient of the agreement. Payment of the contractual penalty does not release the recipient from compliance with this agreement. The right to assert claims for damages against the recipient of the agreement by the provider of the agreement is expressly reserved. 

12. Image, Sound and Film Recordings

Limes Security GmbH reserves the right to record a training for internal quality assurance purposes. The recordings will not be used for marketing or other public purposes. A provision of this recording to third parties or even participants of the training is not intended, with the exception of the disclosure to the client, if this disclosure was ordered as part of the training offer. The execution of a recording is announced by Limes Security GmbH at the start of a training. The recording can be interrupted at the request of a participant for questions or requests to speak. The recording of E-Learning trainings by the participant is explicitly prohibited. 

13. Data Protection

Limes Security uses the data of customers or participants to process the booked service/purchased product. For this purpose, it may be necessary to forward the personal data to cooperation partners. The data handling is a necessary prerequisite for the execution of the contract. Depending on the type of training booked, it may be necessary to forward the data to external certification bodies for issuing the training completion documents. 

14. Liability

Limes Security is only liable for damages which can be proven to be based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty within the framework of the contractual relationship or which are typical damages within the scope of the foreseeable. Should trainings lead to a delayed start or complete cancellation of a training due to force majeure, no liability will be assumed. Limes Security accepts no liability for damages that may be attributable to incomplete or incorrect information in the training material. Limes Security accepts no liability for the theft or loss of items brought by the customer. 

15. Imprint

Publisher: Limes Security GmbH, Softwarepark 49, 4232 Hagenberg
Phone: +43 720 510251
Company Register Number: 390566 m
VAT-ID: ATU67652729

E-Learning Terms of Use

  1. The agreements apply to the use of the E-Learning platform set up by Limes Security GmbH (hereinafter referred to as Limes Security). The use of this E-Learning platform is only permitted to persons who have been authorized by Limes Security and who have login details provided by Limes Security (hereinafter referred to as users). Users agree to use the E-Learning platform and the information, downloads, forums, etc. provided therein exclusively in accordance with the following terms of use.
  2. The prerequisite for use is registration with Limes Security and payment of the user fee due. Limes Security will then send the login details to the user. The user is obliged to provide the data required for registration truthfully. When storing and processing this data, Limes Security observes the applicable data protection regulations, as set out in more detail in the E-Learning data protection declaration (see below). Upon registration by the user and transmission of the login details by Limes Security, a contract of use is concluded with the content of these terms of use.
  3. The information provided by the E-Learning platform and the login details transmitted by Limes Security are subject to confidentiality and may not be passed on to third parties or made available to them, even temporarily. The user agrees to protect the aforementioned information and in particular the login details from access by third parties to the best of his ability.
  4. The user acknowledges that trademarks, copyrights and rights of use as well as any intellectual property in connection with the data and image material made available and all texts, images, graphics, sounds, animations, videos, brands, trademarks and the like used by Limes Security remain with the respective author and that the user is only granted the authorization, revocable at any time, to use the data and image material made available exclusively for training and learning purposes. No license to use the intellectual property of Limes Security or of third parties is granted by the use or provision of such material. The user may not save or reproduce any content of the training.
  5. The user agrees to perform all provided content, knowledge checks, quizzes or other interactive forms of training exclusively himself and not to share them with third parties.
  6. These terms of use do not affect any obligations imposed on the user arising from other contracts with Limes Security. Limes Security provides no guarantee for the availability, completeness, accuracy and up-to-dateness of the information provided and excludes, to the extent permitted by law, any liability for damages arising in connection with the use of the E-Learning platform.
  7. The user must ensure that the technical requirements for using the learning offer are met at his own expense and risk. The user agrees to use up-to-date virus software and to activate the corresponding firewall and to do or refrain from doing anything to ensure that the E-Learning platform is not infected with viruses or other harmful programs (malware).
  8. The user is obliged to use the E-Learning platform appropriately. The creation, use or storage of content that is offensive, insulting, threatening, obscene, racist, contemptuous of humanity or religion or otherwise contrary to public decency, basic democratic values or statutory provisions is prohibited, as is referring to such content via links or other Internet addresses. In particular, the copyrights, trademark rights and other property rights of third parties must be respected.
  9. In the event of any legal disputes in connection with the content and use of the E-Learning platform, Austrian law shall apply exclusively and the court with subject-matter jurisdiction for Limes Security shall be agreed as the exclusive place of jurisdiction.