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Workforce Development as Key to Tackling the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

By 28. February 2023March 1st, 2023No Comments

OT security as a challenge for all organizational levels

OT Security is a big challenge for all organizational levels, but is often delegated to lower hierarchies. In many companies, there is a “go-to person” for network issues and problems who is also responsible for implementing security projects. We call him Hubert. Hubert does most of the work in security projects, and thus often becomes a limiting factor as requirements increase. Because of the increasing pressure and the amount of different tasks, Hubert decides to give up his job.

This means that a critical know-how factor for the company is lost. How can this loss of know-how in the company be prevented?

By building up know-how in a systematic way, staff from the engineering sector can be trained in OT security topics to ensure that key players remain motivated and that enough resources are available within the company to meet the security requirements of a digitalized industry.

Existing technical staff is a big chance for OT and KRITIS

The pressing lack of skilled workers can be overcome, especially in the OT and KRITIS sectors, by developing existing technical staff. The high workload of skilled personnel is a major factor in the high fluctuation in the industry. The lack of qualified staff resulting from this is often the reason why security projects are not (or cannot be) implemented sustainably.

From our experience we know that staff with a technical background (e.g.: mechanical engineering, maintenance, etc.) are well suited for security projects. Many activities do not require in-depth security knowledge, but a basic understanding of the topic. Asset management, supplier management and security awareness campaigns, to name just a few, are tasks that do not necessarily have to be implemented exclusively by cybersecurity experts.

Continuous training as key to addressing the cybersecurity skills gap

With the appropriate training measures, technical engineers, system integrators, plant operators, planners and technicians, maintenance staff, production technicians and plant electricians can be trained to support the implementation of OT Security projects in a sustainable way.

Key Takeaways

  • Technical security systems only increase the level of security if the configuration, maintenance and monitoring of the environment is carried out by skilled professionals.
  • Training industry staff also in security is the key to tackling the Cybersecurity Skill Gap.

Limes Academy offers a comprehensive training program to build up fundamental knowledge as well as in-depth knowledge in OT Security.