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ICS.201 OT Security Fundamentals

Beginner training for OT Security
Duration: 3 hours
Price: Upon request
Requirements: No prior knowledge necessary
Training Format: Inhouse training

The training ICS.201 OT Security Fundamentals is the perfect introduction to the topic of OT security. The course creates common understanding of OT security and provides guidance on how to work with it. Real incidents, practical knowledge from OT projects as well as case studies and findings from OT security assessments are used to teach participants how to understand and question the current security status of their OT environment.

Content of Training

  • Introduction: What is OT security and why is it important
  • Insights from OT Security Incidents
    • Triton, Colonial Pipeline, Black Energy, Industroyer
    • Alternatively: industry-specific or company-specific incidents
  • Important security aspects in the OT environment
    • Disruption of availability
    • Problems with integrity
    • Loss of confidentiality
    • Security problems of OT protocols
    • Impact of insufficient network segmentation
  • OT-Security mitigation strategies for plant engineers, maintenance and operations personnel
    • Benefits of security requirements for plants
    • Effectiveness of access protection mechanisms
    • Relevant aspects of risk management
    • Results and handling of security Logging and monitoring
    • Behavior in the event of an incident

Upon Request

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