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AWT.102 OT Security Awareness

Basic training for OT security basics
Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: Upon request
Requirements: No prior knowledge necessary
Training Format: Inhouse training

The OT Security Awareness training serves as a basis for every employee in the OT area to impart a basic understanding of security or to refresh existing security knowledge. In contrast to the AWT.101-IT Security Awareness training, concrete examples and rules of conduct specifically for the OT area are considered here. Training content can be individually tailored to the company (e.g. Incidents from the industry, standards and regulations that apply to the industry, hacking demos from the industry, internal company content such as own policies, links to own wikis and documents, listing internal company persons as security contacts, etc.).

Content of Training

  • What is included in Operational Technology (OT)?
  • Who is attacking industrial control systems?
  • Recent attacks, incidents and OT specific hacking demo
  • Secure rules of conduct
    • Dealing with programs, software and emails
    • Dealing with passwords and password policies
    • Handling USB sticks and other external media
    • Physical security
  • Recognizing attacks and reporting suspicious cases
  • Top 10 OT security risks

Your Benefit

  • Imparting a basic understanding of security for all employees in the OT sector.
  • Creating security awareness in the participants for an increased security level in their own company
  • Refreshing already known rules of conduct for secure actions in the company
  • Detect and prevent risky behavior in industrial plants.

Upon Request

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