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Exchange vulnerability in Germany – are you affected?

By 2. April 2021No Comments

We have analyzed the vulnerability status of the Exchange vulnerability in Germany with our Distributed Cyber Recon System (DCS).



Although the trend shows a significant reduction in vulnerabilities, from more than 39,700 externally accessible Exchange servers in Germany, 3,369 are still vulnerable and 31,657 are potentially vulnerable.

We regularly scan the Internet (2.8 billion IPv4 addresses) with over 40 different protocols on many different ports, store the first 32KB of a website and enrich this data with advanced BGP prefix, whois, certificate and domain information. Through this measurement of the Internet, we identify all the systems that can be associated with your business, even if they are hosted by a third-party including banner grabbing, service identification and version detection / vulnerability matching. Specifically, we search for all login websites that provide an interface to your company. We show you your real cyber perimeter and identify possible threats and vulnerabilities.

Do you want to know if your company is affected?

With the help of the technical attack surface evaluation, you are able to estimate what information an attacker can find on the Internet and how it could be used against your company.

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