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ICS.212 OT Security Management

Advanced training for OT Security Management
Duration: 3 days
Price: € 2820 plus VAT
Requirements: ICS.201 OT Security Fundamentals or ICS.205 Applied OT Security Training recommended
Degree: Attendance confirmation; in case of successful participation in the certification exam COSM-Personenzertifikat of TÜV Austria CERT GmbH

OT Security Management-training provides those responsible for operations, project and production managers and decision-makers in general with the knowledge they need to implement security in industrial operations. Participants learn all necessary skills to recognize dangers early on, to increase the security level and to lastingly avoid security vulnerabilities. The focus is on organizational topics and process management, in addition technical influencing factors are also discussed, which prepare the participants better for future security decisions.

Content of Training

  • Introduction
    • Overview, standards and frameworks
    • Tabletop exercise
  • Identifiy
    • Security Governance and program management
    • ISMS improvement
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • System under Consideration (SuC)
    • Asset inventory
    • Risk management
    • Supply chain risk management
  • Protect
    • Defense in depth
    • Network segmentation and zoning
    • Remote access
    • Systems security
    • Patch management
    • Identity and access management
    • Security awareness
  • Detect
    • Logging and monitoring
    • Anomaly detection
    • Vulnerability assessment
  • Respond
    • Incident handling lifecycle
    • Post incident activities
  • Recover
    • System availability
    • Recovery planning
    • Backup

After the training the participants should

  • be able to securely manage their responsible operating areas and assess risks.
  • have refreshed and deepend their existing knowledge of OT security and related standards.
  • have gained a basic understanding of the risk assessment procedure.
  • understand asset discovery and component classification capabilities.
  • have developed a holistic view of security processes.
  • be able to define response plans and establish defined communication strategies for incident management.

Training Dates

24. – 26. May 2023

ICS.212 OT Security Management
24. – 26. May 2023, 8.30 am – 4.30 pm
Language: German
Brunn am Gebirge/Online, € 2820 plus VAT

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Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Our Self-Assessment Questionnaire gives you an idea of whether you are a suitable candidate for the OT Security Manager training. To enroll in the advanced training courses, we require proof of your experience and training in the OT Security area, regardless of the result of the questionnaire. Based on the provided documents, we will decide whether to enroll you directly in the advanced course.

1. What is the third maturity level according to IEC 62443-2-4​ ?

2. Which of the following requirements is imported for a secure supply chain?

3. Network segmentation should be implemented on which of the following criteria?

4. A jump server

5. NAC stands for

6. Which of the following statements is not true about hardening?

7. Which of the following information should be included in log records?

8. Fast recovery of systems and their availability, is