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ICS.205 Applied OT Security

Beginner training for OT Security
Duration: 3 days
Price: € 2540 plus VAT
Requirements: No prior knowledge necessary
Degree: Attendance confirmation; in case of successful participation in the certification exam COSP-Personenzertifikat of TÜV Austria CERT GmbH

The training ICS.205 Applied OT Security is the perfect choice for every participant preparing for a role or function with OT security responsibility. The training conveys essential OT security know-how, gives an introduction to common standards and explains practical actions for the secure operation of industrial systems. Existing skills in the areas of maintenance, industrial automation, as well as instrumentation and control technology are enhanced with the ability to include the security perspective in networked industrial systems.

Content of Training

  • Introduction to Operational Technology (OT)
    • IT security objectives
    • Evolution of OT
    • OT components and terminology
    • OT incidents
  • IT essentials
    • Network protocols
    • Crypto refresher
    • Network security basics
    • Secure network protocols
  • IT vs. OT Security
    • Safety vs. Security
    • Characteristics of OT systems vs. IT systems
  • Security threats and attack vectors
    • OT attackers
    • OT attack vectors
    • OT risk factors and threats
  • OT standards overview
    • NIS directive
    • IEC 62443
    • ISO 27000 & ISO 27019
    • NIST 800-82 and CSF
    • and more
  • Well-proven security measures for OT
    • Defense in Depth
    • Organisational security measures
    • Security assessments and reviews
    • Configuration management
    • Network and communication security
    • Component security
    • Identity and access management

After the training the participants should

  • have a confident feeling in dealing directly with OT security.
  • have a basic understanding of OT technologies and terminology.
  • have gained a basic awareness of OT security standards and their areas of application.
  • know the most important security measures for the OT area.
  • be able to make a contribution to protecting industrial operations in their area of responsibility.

Training Dates

05. – 07. July 2023

ICS.205 Applied OT Security
05. – 07. July 2023, 8.30 am – 4.30 pm
Language: English
Online, € 2540 plus VAT

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11. – 13. October 2023

ICS.205 Applied OT Security
11. – 13. October 2023, 8.30 am – 4.30 pm
Language: German
Salzburg/Online, € 2540 plus VAT

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29. November – 01. December 2023

ICS.205 Applied OT Security
29. Nov  – 01. Dec 2023, 8.30 am – 4.30 pm
Language: German
Online, € 2540 plus VAT

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