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Industrial Security means Limes Security. Whether PLC manufacturer, system integrator, mechanical engineer, production enterprise or utility – we are all facing the same challenges. Profit from the know-how of the leading industrial security experts of Limes Security and protect your industrial enterprise and your machinery as appropriate to your needs.


Many organisations develop software. Only few of them also accomplish to do this securely and prevent weak spots. Secure software development starts already in the early stages of the development process. Limes Security has many years of experience in the introduction and improvement of security at software developing organisations.

Far away, but still on site: security testing with distance 10/09/2020

An attacker in your own network: Many companies had to go through this worst-case scenario. With Limes Security, companies have a strong partner who identifies and points out these dangers and is now even more flexible. With a new system, Limes offers the possibility of being virtually on site at the customer’s premises. This saves […]

Ein Security Deshi auf Reisen [DE] 10/08/2020

Eine Geschichte aus dem Leben eines Praktikanten   Im Zuge meines Studiums, „Sichere Informationssysteme“ habe ich ein verpflichtendes Berufspraktikum absolviert. Die Auswahl eines Praktikumsgebers stellt Studenten, die in kürzester Zeit so viele unterschiedliche Bereiche einer Sparte kennenlernen, vor die Frage: „Was will ich eigentlich wirklich machen?“ Hier hat sich Limes Security durch ihren Facettenreichtum als […]

Procurement of secure plant components with IEC 62443 06/05/2020

Secure OT operation starts already with procurement, we’re therefore looking into the relevance of procurement of secure industrial components with IEC62443 in this post. From the asset owner’s point of view, the IEC 62443-4 part is particularly important for the procurement process. This part addresses component manufacturers and the security capabilities of components. This includes […]