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Cyber Security Simulation Game Zero Downtime

Simulation game for cybersecurity
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: on request
Requirements: No prior knowledge necessary
Training Format: Inhouse training

In Zero Downtime, the cyber security simulation game, you become the defender of your corporate assets. Several teams compete against each other and learn playfully to simulate reality. The simulation game is based on a serious thought: The participants learn about current IT threat scenarios and adequate se-curity concepts as countermeasures at the forefront. Through the direct involvement of each individual, the learning content is firmly and sustainably anchored; at the same time teamwork is essential. In the end, the company that has best mastered the challenges is declared the winner. The simulation game is mode-rated by a Limes Security expert and the results are summarized briefly after each round. The participants play in groups online, or at a table with a game board in combination with a tablet. No special previous knowledge is required to participate, and the simula-tion game is also suitable for beginners.

Your Benefits

  • Get to know important security measures andconcepts in a playful manner.
  • Apply effective countermeasures to security threats as a contestant.
  • Learn about the effects and consequences of certain security measures and concepts.
  • Upgrade your company event or conference with this hands-on experience!

Upon Request

Are you interested in a AWT.103 Zero Downtime: Blackout Edtion simulation game? Contact us!

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