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August 2020

ICS.212 Industrial Security Advanced: OT Security Management

25. August, 08:00 - 27. August, 17:00

OT security management training provides those responsible for operations, project and production managers and decision-makers in general with the knowledge they need to implement security in industrial operations. Participants learn all necessary skills to recognize dangers early on, to increase the security level and to lastingly avoid security vulnerabilities. The focus is on organizational topics and process management, in addition technical influencing factors are also discussed, which prepare the participants better for future security decisions. The training is particularly recommended…

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October 2020

SEC.302 Secure Coding C#

06. October, 08:30 - 08. October, 16:30

During the Secure Coding for C# training, different C# language features will be introduced that can contribute to the stability of the code and are necessary as a basis for the development of robust code. In addition, cryptographic concepts such as encryption, hashing or digital signatures are discussed. You will learn how to achieve robust session management using meaningful access controls. Classic web attacks such as cross-site scripting and SQL injection are explained and how to protect against them is…

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