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Online, Linz

February 2021

SEC.321 Security Testing Foundation

22. February, 08:30 - 23. February, 16:30
Online, Linz Österreich

Security Testing Foundation training teaches the basic concepts of security testing. A structured procedure is presented along with how security tests for an application can be organized. Subsequently, cross-site scripting and SQL injection attacks will be discussed with a focus on web applications and their anatomy will be explained and practiced using real-world examples. During the training, well-known hacking tools will be used again and again to give the participants a tangible picture of reality. Finally, tools are presented with…

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SEC.322 Wireless Security

24. February, 08:30 - 25. February, 16:30
Online, Linz Österreich

This course introduces participants to the analysis and evaluation of the security of wireless communications and the typical problems, identification of wireless signals and best practices for testing wireless communications. RF theory, software-defined radio (SDR), the basics of radio and digital signal processing are discussed to provide a solid basis for understanding the security implications in this area. Special attention is paid to possible attack methods and test scenarios. Multiple exercises facilitate rapid progress in understanding the background and allow…

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April 2021

ICS.211 Industrial Security Advanced: Technical OT Security

13. April, 08:30 - 15. April, 16:30
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Online, Linz Österreich

Technicians and engineers in particular are increasingly required in industrial operations to make or prepare the right decisions concerning appropriate technical security measures and security technologies. This requires deeper security knowledge and a good understanding - be it of threats, current attack campaigns or the use of technical protection measures. The training is particularly recommended for System integrators, plant operators, planners and technicians, maintenance workers, production technicians, plant IT managers, future plant managers and production managers, employees who are responsible…

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May 2021

ICS.212 Industrial Security Advanced: OT Security Management

04. May, 08:30 - 06. May, 16:30
Online, Linz Österreich

OT security management training provides those responsible for operations, project and production managers and decision-makers in general with the knowledge they need to implement security in industrial operations. Participants learn all necessary skills to recognize dangers early on, to increase the security level and to lastingly avoid security vulnerabilities. The focus is on organizational topics and process management, in addition technical influencing factors are also discussed, which prepare the participants better for future security decisions. The training is particularly recommended…

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September 2021

ICS.201 Industrial/OT Security Foundation

29. September, 08:30 - 01. October, 16:30
Online, Linz Österreich

Everyone involved in a modern industrial system needs basic security knowledge in order to recognize security problems and avoid endangering industrial operations through their own behavior. Within the framework of the Foundation training, the participants are taught those security competencies through up-to-date specialist content, practical exercises and entertaining experiences from industrial security consulting activities, which are not only essential for their work in the changed environment of increasing digitalization, but also decisive. The training is particularly recommended for System integrators,…

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