Research Conference ICS-CSR 2019 on Industrial Security in Athens

From 10 to 12 September 2019, the Industrial Control System Cyber Security Research (ICS-CSR)  conference, supported by Limes Security, took place at the Ministry of Digital Governance in Athens. ICS-CSR [#Infos on Twitter] is one of the few true research conferences dedicated exclusively to security research in the field of Industrial Control System Security.

It is already the sixth ICS-CSR conference, Limes Security has facilitated organization of the conference since its first edition and has been organizing the conference together with AIRBUS and the British DeMontfort University since then. The keynotes this year were given by Joanna Burkey, Global Head of Cyber Defense, Siemens, on how Siemens organizes and holistically implements the topic of cyber security, and Prof. Sokratis Katsika, who presented the state of research on cyber security of unmanned autonomous ships. This year Limes Security again provided a part of the workshop day, the participants could play “Zero Downtime: Blackout Edition”, the OT Security Awareness Game from Limes Security. Also with Philipp Kreimel’s research paper on anomaly detection in electrical substations, Limes Security was well represented. “I have been active in the industrial security field for a long time, but ICS-CSR still is a highlight every year, as new research approaches by doctoral students and innovative or sometimes also disruptive ideas for the protection of critical infrastructures are presented here”, explains Prof. Thomas Brandstetter of Limes Security, who is one of the General Conference Chairs.