Limes Security is now part of the “Winners’ Club”

The Best Business Award was presented on November 5th 2019 for the 20th time. With the Best Business Award, the “BBA Forum” brings attention to companies that distinguish themselves in the Danube-Moldau European region through cross-border cooperation.

The “Winners’ Club” follows the principle of “learning from the best“. Successful enterprises present their key to success in different areas e.g. human resource development. and make a mutual exchange of experience possible. The companies that have made it to the final round of the “Best Business Award for Sustainable Corporate Management” will be admitted to the “Winners’ Club”.

Limes Security was voted into the Top 10 out of 400 companies in the category “companies with up to 30 employees” – and we are, of course, very pleased about that.

“This shows us, as Limes Security, that in particular the responsible handling and encouragement of our own employees has been rewarded and that we are on the right track,” explains Managing Director Thomas Brandstetter.

Picture from left to right: The two managing directors of Limes Security, Thomas Brandstetter and Peter Panholzer, are delighted to be accepted into the winners’ club.