Finding security gaps and protecting industrial facilities with the experience from more than 100 industrial production security tests by Limes Security.

Security gaps are already problematic in Office networks and can lead to data theft there, as well as the loss of your customers’ trust. In industrial facilities, however, they threaten the stability and reliability of the industrial processes and can thereby cause production outages, process manipulations, property damages or in the worst case, even accidents with personal injury.

Limes Security Industrial Pentests offer an added value for your company through

  • expert-trained testers with specialised know-how for security tests in the industrial setting,
  • targeted use of suitable security testing programs such as Nessus, Kali or Achilles, but also by means of the analytical and offensive tools for industrial components that have been specially created by Limes Security,
  • detailed coordination before, during and after the test so not to interfere unnecessarily with operations,
  • conclusive reports with a comprehensible description of discovered weak spots and their potential effects, as well as clear recommendations for action to secure your systems.

At the same time, the bandwidth of possible attack scenarios is covered with intense testing of individual embedded devices, manual testing of machine networks, physical attempts to access and social engineering and many more actions.