Many organisations develop software.

Only few of them also accomplish to do this securely and prevent weak spots. Secure software development starts as early as in the process of devising it: if certain security elements are already missing during the software development, the probability increases that the software systems or products will have weak spots on delivery that are critical to security and which create security risks for both the manufacturer as well as the system operator.

Limes Security has many years of experience in the introduction and improvement of security at software developing organisations.

We help development companies and manufacturers with the following expert services:

  • We test your software systems for weak spots that are critical to security and help trace and remedy the causes.
  • We analyse your software development processes and expand them, so that important security steps become part of the processes.
  • We train your staff in secure coding to prevent weaknesses also in the long term, especially at the design and code level and thereby avoid future security risks.