We integrate security in your software developing organisation and make your products secure for the long term.

Anyone who does not want to leave security and thus, the quality of his products up to chance, must choose a proactive approach. High-quality products that meet the market needs can only be created by integrating security in the development processes and by means of an organisation, which knows how to handle the issue professionally.

Limes Security provides competent support for you in the following areas:

  • Analysis of the status quo at your organisation regarding secure software development
  • Support in structuring a program for the secure software development
  • Integration of adequate security activities in your development processes (development of a so-called Secure Development Lifecycles (SDL))
  • Setup of a vulnerability handling team (PSIRT) for ensuring professional vulnerability management

Depending on your objectives, the suitable methods are chosen and the matching methods generated specifically for your development organisation

We build upon the “Security by Design with CMMI-DEV v1.3” process model, which has been decisively co-developed by Limes Security founder Peter Panholzer and published by the CMMI Institute. At the same time, additional methods such as Microsoft SDL, BSIMM or OpenSAMM are also used.