OT Security means Limes Security

Whether PLC manufacturer, system integrator, mechanical engineer, production enterprise or utility – we are all facing the same challenges:

  1. the tight networking of machinery in Industrie 4.0 and the Smart Grid, and the increasing use of standard software by now present considerably higher security risks that can lead to many perils, from data theft to machine and production outage.
  2. Now more than ever, industrial components and networks are in the focus of security researchers, extortionist cyber criminals, industry spies, or even state-sponsors attackers.
  3. There is a lack of know-how that is required for analysing industrial systems appropriately and protecting them from attacks.

Our consultants can help you

  • discover and close security gaps in your industrial systems on time,
  • develop technical security concepts and a sustainable security organisation,
  • provide the right know-how to your personnel through targeted training in order to successfully fend off risks in daily operations.

Profit from the know-how of the leading industrial security experts of Limes Security and protect your industrial enterprise and your machinery as appropriate to your needs.

Finding security gaps and protecting industrial facilities

Security gaps are already problematic in Office networks and can lead to data theft there, as well as the loss of your customers’ trust. In industrial facilities, however, they threaten the stability and reliability of the industrial processes and can thereby cause production outages, process manipulations, property damages or in the worst case, even accidents with personal injury.

Limes Security Industrial Pentests offer an added value for your company through

  • expert-trained testers with specialised know-how for security tests in the industrial setting,
  • targeted use of suitable security testing programs such as Nessus, Kali or Achilles, but also by means of the analytical and offensive tools for industrial components that have been specially created by Limes Security,
  • detailed coordination before, during and after the test so not to interfere unnecessarily with operations,
  • conclusive reports with a comprehensible description of discovered weak spots and their potential effects, as well as clear recommendations for action to secure your systems.

At the same time, the bandwidth of possible attack scenarios is covered with intense testing of individual embedded devices, manual testing of machine networks, physical attempts to access and social engineering and many more actions.

Industrial systems are as diverse as the applications for which they were developed

A reliable partner who understands your industry and your systems can help you develop an effective strategy to improve your security. Ultimately, it’s all about your customers’ trust in your products and services. And to strengthen this trust, you can count on the support of Limes Security and the IEC 62443 standard.

Limes Security IEC 62443 Services

Limes Security offers you a wide range of services in accordance with the 62443 standard and supports you on the optimum path to IEC 62443 conformity or even certification.

  • Primer according to IEC 62443 for your employees to show you what the standards are all about and how they can be used for the security of your organization.
  • System security assessment in a threat and risk analysis
  • System analysis according to IEC 62443-3-3 and IEC 62443-4-2
  • Training of your employees in the area of “security software development” according to the IEC 62443-4-1 standard
  • Improvement or definition of processes to meet your OT security requirements with our workshop for process improvement

Your way to IEC 62443 compliance

Limes Security brings you towards IEC 62443 compliance in four steps.

  1. Definition of the scope
  2. Analysis of processes/systems for compliance
  3. Strategic planning and implementation support
  4. Implementation and continuous improvement

Secure digitalization for technicians and decision makers

In addition to increased security requirements for manufacturers, system integrators and operators of industrial plants, technical changes in the area of industrial security have become a new challenge. The rapid change includes the fact that industrial security today functions completely differently than the familiar world of automation of the past decades. Limes Security provides clarity and generates guidelines for action and competence for the correct handling of security issues in an industrial environment.

Training contents

The training contents have been selected based on the experience gained from many industrial projects and are aimed at the challenges facing the industry in practice. Our training courses impart the security basics (foundation) urgently needed by industrial personnel as well as advanced knowledge for decision-makers and technicians and special topics (additions). Through practical examples and war stories from our trainers, you develop all the skills required for secure digitization in industry.

Training overview and details

or more information and details please click on the respective training in the overview or have a look at our list of courses.