Are you looking for true cyber security experts with proven experience in industrial security and secure software development? Welcome to Limes Security!

Limes Security was founded by Peter Panholzer and Thomas Brandstetter, two industry veterans who were at the forefront of industrial security and security software development right from the beginning.

Peter Panholzer was leading the early corporate secure development lifecycle (SDL) initiatives at Siemens and is co-author of the security extension of the CMMI standard, “Security by Design with CMMI for Development”. Thomas Brandstetter was Head of the Siemens Hack-Proof Products Program, the founder and Head of the Siemens Product Cyber Emergency Readiness Team (ProductCERT), and the official incident handler of the Stuxnet malware, a larger-than-life experience.

With this unique knowledge in industrial cyber security and proven experience in setting up successful security organizations, Peter and Thomas set out to establish Limes Security. Their mission: Forging the leading cyber security consultancy for industry and software. To achieve this, they returned to their career starting point, the Softwarepark Hagenberg, where Limes Security HQ is based.

Limes Security GmbH is a 100% owner-managed company, designed to provide cutting-edge security consulting services in its projects as well as to conduct security research. The Softwarepark Hagenberg supports this as a business site, as it is among one of the most successful and dynamic technology centres in Europe. The synergy of business, University institutes as well as research and training centres creates an atmosphere of innovation, creativity and professionalism – the ideal setting for Limes Security.


The consultants of Limes Security are experts in their field, educated at top universities and polytechnic colleges, all having a major background in cyber security. In addition, Limes Security has a vast network of security researchers within the international security community to rely on. Many staff years of experience in industrial cyber security are at the service of Limes Security customers. Experts from Limes Security are regularly requested to teach both academic as well as professional classes in cyber security, proving their security expertise. Thomas Brandstetter is also instructor for the highly-respected and renowned SANS security institute, teaching cyber security topics to attendees throughout Europe and the Middle East, as well as member of the review board of the Black Hat conference series.


The Limes experts are frequent participants and much sought-after speakers at international security conferences such as:

  • Blackhat Las Vegas, Europe
  • SANS SCADA Summit
  • SEPG North America and Europe
  • Meridian Conference
  • Industrial Automation Summit
  • IFIP SEC / WG 11.10
  • Qatar Secure Energy Conference
  • Austrian Trust Circle
  • Security Forum
  • Austrian Energy
  • ITSecX

The Limes Security team has been and continues to be involved in the development of key security standards, and time and again, it is awarded internationally recognised security certifications through perpetual advanced training.

Limes Security Team

Management Limes Security
Prof.(FH) Prof.h.c. Thomas BRANDSTETTER (left)
Peter PANHOLZER, M.Sc. (right)

Softwarepark Hagenberg