Limes Security at SANS ICS Europe 2018

SANS ICS Europe 2018 will take place from 18-23 June 2018. SANS ICS Europe is the annual event of SANS EMEA, which is dedicated exclusively to the topic of Industrial Control System Security. Past events were hosted in Amsterdam and London, SANS ICS Europe 2018 will take place in Munich for the first time in German-speaking countries. On June 18, the ICS Security Summit is held, a one-day conference with presentations by renowned speakers from the German Federal Office for Information Security, Airbus, ENISA, Idaho National Lab and more.

Our CEO Prof. Thomas Brandstetter was not only involved as organizer, he is also represented as speaker. Together with Tim Conway (Technical Director, ICS and SCADA Programs SANS) he will give the lecture “ICS Trends – These are the Good Old Days” in which current attack trends and developments in the ICS field will be presented.

After the Summit he will hold the course “ICS/SCADA Security Essentials” in his role as an active SANS Instructor. Details of the conference programme are available Link to SANS ICS Europe 2018 agenda.