Limes industrial security trainings featured by Digital Bond

The industrial security trainings of Limes Security were featured on the Digital  Bond blog, one of the most renown blogs on ICS security – see blog post here.
Depending on your needs, Limes security offers the following training options:

  • Industrial Cyber Security Awareness Training for Managers: A half-day training, geared towards giving (ICS) managers the knowledge needed for understanding ICS security issues and challenges better.
  • Cyber Security Crash Course for ICS Engineers: This 1-day crash course is a mixed awareness/technical course, and ideal for ICS and SCADA personnel, responsible for handling security properly during operations
  • Comprehensive Industrial Cyber Security Training: The training can be scaled anywhere between 3-5 days. It is ideal for personnel wanting to understand ICS security issues deeply from the beginning and gives a broad overview of what ICS security comprises. It is also suitable for security organizations like CERTs who have a good IT security understanding already but have to cover ICS security in the future.
  • Testing, Assessing and Auditing Industrial Control Systems: This 2-day course was developed for operators, which want to have their own staff do security checks on their own systems.