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SEC.311 Secure Product Development with IEC 62443-4-1

If you don’t want to leave the security and the quality of your products to chance, you have to choose a proactive approach. Only by integrating security into the development processes and by having an organization that knows how to deal with the topic professionally can high-quality products that meet the needs of the market be created. The Secure Product Development with IEC-62443-4-1 training teaches the participants how security can be integrated into software development with the help of the IEC-62443-4-1 standard section Security in order to make their prod-
ucts lastingly secure.

The training is particularly recommended for

Software developers and architects, who have as goal to conduct their software development process in accordance with IEC 62443-4-1.

The training in a nutshell

  • Ideal training to run your development process according to IEC 62443-4-1
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Course Language: German or English
  • Requirements: No previous knowledge, own notebook necessary
  • Completion with certificate of participation
  • Public and in-house training possible

Content of training

The participants can expect the following content for the selected training:

Day 1

  • Introduction to IEC 62443-4-1 (Principles and Requirements)
  • Security Management (Product classification, security organization, security training, integrity protection, protection of the development environment, selection of secure components)
  • Specification of security requirements
  • Secure by Design and Secure Implementation

Day 2

  • Security Verification and Validation Testing
  • PSIRT and Security Update Management
  • Security Guidelines

After the training the participants should…

  • know suitable methods and get familiar with the measures to integrate security into your development processes.
  • be capable to use useful tools to review and improve your product security.
  • overcome constant challenges such as legacy code, updates from third-party vendors or communication of vulnerabilities


SEC.311 Secure Product Development with IEC 62443-4-1



for the implementation of a secure product development process based on IEC 62443-4-1

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