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SEC.312 Secure Development of IoT Components

Component security starts here. More and more devices communicate with each other and are interconnected. In addition to numerous advantages, this development also brings new challenges and threats, especially in terms of security. Like security in most IT areas, IoT security requires an end-to-end approach that includes addressing security issues during the design phase.  

How can security vulnerabilities be avoided right from the start? What threats do I need to protect my system against? What security measures do I need to use? 

The training is particularly recommended for

Software developers, architects and project managers.

The training in a nutshell

  • Perfect training for the introduction to the topic of IoT security
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Course Language: German or English
  • Requirements: No previous knowledge, own notebook necessary
  • Completion with certificate of participation
  • Public and in-house training possible

Content of training

The participants can expect the following content for the selected training:

Day 1

  • Introduction to IoT-Security
  • Attacks, threats and risks in the real world
  • Threat modeling
  • Security testing & toolset for attackers
  • Guidelines and standards (IEC 62443, OWASP IoT Security, ENISA, NIST)
  • Secure system design

Day 2

  • Secure updates
  • Secure storage and cloud connectivity
  • IoT communication protocols
  • Secure development lifecycle basics
  • Vulnerability disclosure

After the training the participants should…

  • have acquired a solid foundation for implementing security in IoT systems. 
  • know security concepts that are applicable to a wide range of IoT devices. 
  • have gained a solid, technical understanding of the typical attacks, threats and risks that IoT entails. 
  • be able to look at an IoT system from the perspective of an attacker. 
  • have learnt how to identify relevant assets. 
  • understand defense principles and create defense strategies. 


SEC.312 Secure Development of IoT Components



for the implementation of security in IoT components

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