Limes Academy / Security Engineering Training

Secure products through superior know-how

How can security vulnerabilities be avoided right from the start? Only through appropriate training and improvement of the security expertise of developers and project members. We teach the “DO’s and DON’Ts” in theory and in practical exercises. In the security engineering training courses, experienced trainers from Limes Security impart the knowledge of how attackers proceed and which measures best protect against them.

Training contents

The Secure Coding training provides the participants with the knowledge and understanding for the development of secure products so that they can be implemented in their own projects. The Security Testing training teaches the participants to take the perspective of an attacker, allowing them to efficiently identify vulnerabilities in their products. System Hardening training gives system administrators the tools they need to protect a digital infrastructure against both internal and external attacks. All courses are accompanied by practical exercises that illuminate both the attacker and the defender’s side, imparting a multi-layered picture.

Training overview and details

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Secure Coding

08 September 2020

SEC.302 Secure Coding C#

08. September - 10. September

Dates on request

Dates on request

Secure Development Lifecycle

Secure Testing

Dates on request

Dates on request

System Hardening

Dates on request

Dates on request