Limes Academy / OT security certification

OT security courses with personal certification

Limes Security has been successfully offering trainings in the field of Industrial / OT Security since 2012. Since then, many industrial customers have come to appreciate the quality of these trainings, but there has also been a growing interest and need for personal certification, which visibly enhances the qualifications of industrial personnel in the area of security.

Limes Security has therefore developed a personal certification scheme and will be offering this in cooperation with TÜV Austria (
The high-quality and practical OT Security training courses of the Limes Security Academy – from practitioners to managers – are divided into three modules and last 2.5 days per module. Afterwards, you can immediately take the exam, which is approved by TÜV Austria (duration approx. 2 hours).

Who benefits from a personal certificate? 

This certification is perfectly suited for employees from the industrial sector who want to visibly improve their qualifications in the field of security and also want to provide proof of their knowledge in this area.

The certification is therefore aimed at companies from the following sectors: industrial component manufacturers, manufacturing industry, mechanical engineers, system integrators, plant operators, energy suppliers, operators of critical infrastructure

Persons in the function: maintenance, production technicians, plant planners and plant engineers, persons responsible for plant IT, future operations managers and production managers

Due to changed regulatory requirements and industrial security standards (NIS directive, IEC 62443), it is becoming increasingly important for industrial component manufacturers, system integrators and plant operators to be able to provide evidence of qualified personnel. The OT security personal certification scheme provides significant help in this context.

 The personal certification scheme at a glance

Training & examination for Certified OT Security Practitioner TÜV® (COSP)
Level 1: Training series Operational Technology Security, course ICS.201 Industrial Security Foundation
Training & examination as Certified OT Security Technical Expert TÜV® (COSTE)
Level 2: Training series Operational Technology Security, course ICS.211 Technical OT Security
Training & examination as Certified OT Security Manager TÜV® (COSM)
Level 2: Training series Operational Technology Security, course ICS.212 OT Security Management

Validity of the certificates: 3 years, a re-certification is possible afterwards