Limes Academy / OT security certification

OT security courses with personal certification

Limes Security has been successfully offering trainings in the field of Industrial / OT Security since 2012. Since then, many industrial customers have come to appreciate the quality of these trainings, but there has also been a growing interest and need for personal certification, which visibly enhances the qualifications of industrial personnel in the area of security.

Limes Security has therefore developed a personal certification scheme and will be offering this in cooperation with TÜV Austria (
The high-quality and practical OT Security training courses of the Limes Security Academy – from practitioners to managers – are divided into three modules and last 2.5 days per module. Afterwards, you can immediately take the exam, which is approved by TÜV Austria (duration approx. 2 hours).

Training & examination for Certified OT Security Practitioner TÜV® (COSP)
ICS.201 Industrial Security Foundation
Training & examination as Certified OT Security Technical Expert TÜV® (COSTE)
ICS.211 Technical OT Security
Training & examination as Certified OT Security Manager TÜV® (COSM)
ICS.212 OT Security Management

Validity of the certificates: 3 years, a re-certification is possible afterwards