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ICS.212 Industrial Security Advanced: OT Security Management

OT security management training provides those responsible for operations, project and production managers and decision-makers in general with the knowledge they need to implement security in industrial operations. Participants learn all necessary skills to recognize dangers early on, to increase the security level and to lastingly avoid security vulnerabilities. The focus is on organizational topics and process management, in addition technical influencing factors are also discussed, which prepare the participants better for future security decisions.

The training is particularly recommended for

System integrators, plant operators, planners and technicians, maintenance workers, production technicians, plant IT managers, future plant managers and production managers, employees who are responsible for the procurement, planning or operation of OT assets, IT employees with responsibility for OT assets, etc.

The training in a nutshell

  • Advanced training for OT Security with a technical focus
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Course language: German or English
  • Requirements: ICS.201 OT Security Foundation Training recommended, own notebook necessary
  • Completion with certification
  • Public and in-house training possible

Content of training

The participants can expect the following content for the selected training:

Day 1

  • Refreser of IEC 62443 foundation
  • Definition of System under Consideration (SUC)
  • Classification and worst case scenarios
  • Partitioning and zoning of SUC

Day 2

  • Risikoanalyse nach IEC 62443
  • Security-Anforderungen als Teil der Ausschreibung, Abnahme der Anlage
  • Security als ein fortlaufender Prozess (ISMS)
  • Asset- und Configuration-Management

Day 3

  • Patchmanagement
  • Fernwartung, Logging und Monitoring
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Incident Handling & Disaster Recovery

After the training the participants should …

  • be able to securely manage their responsible operating areas and assess risks.
  • have refreshed and deepend their existing IEC 62443 knowledge.
  • have gained a basic understanding of the risk assessment procedure defined in the IEC 62443-3-3 standard part.
  • understand asset discovery and component classification capabilities.
  • have gained insight into the competence requirements from IEC 62443-2-4.
  • correctly apply the IEC 62443 standard and especially the IEC 62443-3-3 part.


With certification


Training and exam to become a

Certified OT Security Manager (COSM) TÜV®

Without certification

€ 1.875,-*

Training to become a

Certified OT Security Manager (COSM) TÜV®

Certification only 

€ 595,-*

Exam to become a

Certified OT Security Manager (COSM) TÜV®

*Prices are valid for registration until 30.6.2020

Dates and registration

26 May 2020
16 June 2020

ICS.212 OT Security Management

16. June - 18. June
29 September 2020

ICS.211 Technical OT Security

29. September - 01. October
13 October 2020

ICS.211 Technical OT Security

13. October - 15. October
Wien, Österreich
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10 November 2020

ICS.211 Technical OT Security

10. November - 12. November
01 December 2020

ICS.212 OT Security Management

01. December - 03. December
Wien, Österreich
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