Limes Academy / Industrial Security Training

Secure digitalization for technicians and decision makers

In addition to increased security requirements for manufacturers, system integrators and operators of industrial plants, technical changes in the area of industrial security have become a new challenge. The rapid change includes the fact that industrial security today functions completely differently than the familiar world of automation of the past decades. Limes Security provides clarity and generates guidelines for action and competence for the correct handling of security issues in an industrial environment.

Training contents

The training contents have been selected based on the experience gained from many industrial projects and are aimed at the challenges facing the industry in practice. Our training courses impart the security basics (foundation) urgently needed by industrial personnel as well as advanced knowledge for decision-makers and technicians and special topics (additions). Through practical examples and war stories from our trainers, you develop all the skills required for secure digitization in industry.

Training overview and details

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Industrial Security

Industrial Security

Industrial Security

Industrial Security