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AWT.102 OT Security Awareness

The OT Security Awareness training serves as a basis for every employee in the OT area to impart a basic understanding of security or to refresh existing security knowledge. In contrast to the AWT.101-IT Security Awareness training, concrete examples and rules of conduct specifically for the OT area are considered here.

The training is particularly recommended for

all employees of a company.

The training in a nutshell 

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Course language: German or English
  • Requirements: No prior knowledge, no notebook necessary
  • Completion with certification
  • Available in public, in-house and e-learning

Content of training

The participants can expect the following content for the selected training:

  • What is included in Operational Technology (OT)?
  • Who is attacking industrial control systems?
  • Recent attacks, incidents and OT specific hacking demo
  • Secure rules of conduct
    • Dealing with programs, software and emails
    • Dealing with passwords and password policies
    • Handling USB sticks and other external media
    • Physical security
  • Recognizing attacks and reporting suspicious cases
  • Top 10 OT security risks

Your benefit

  • Imparting a basic understanding of security for all employees in the OT sector.
  • Creating security awareness in the participants for an increased security level in their own company
  • Refreshing already known rules of conduct for secure actions in the company
  • Detect and prevent risky behavior in industrial plants. 


AWT.102 OT Security Awareness 


Awareness Training

 for OT security topics

Dates and registration

01 January 2033

AWT.101 IT Security Awareness

01.01.2033 - 03.01.2033
03 January 2033

AWT.102 OT Security Awareness

03.01.2033 - 05.01.2033
05 January 2033

AWT.103 Zero Downtime: Blackout Edition

05.01.2033 - 07.01.2033