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AWT.101 IT Security Awareness

The IT Security Awareness training serves as a basis for every employee in the company to impart a basic understanding for security or to refresh pre-existing security knowledge.

The training is particularly recommended for

all employees of a company.

The training in a nutshell 

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Course language: German or English
  • Requirements: No prior knowledge, no notebook necessary
  • Completion with certification
  • Available in public, in-house and e-learning

Content of training

The participants can expect the following content for the selected training:

  • What is information security?
  • Who are the attackers?
  • Recent attacks, incidents and hacking demo
  • Secure rules of conduct
    • Dealing with programs, software and emails
    • Dealing with passwords and password policies
    • Handling USB sticks and other external media
    • Handling your own equipment in the company (Bring your own Device – BYOD)
    • Handling information
    • Physical security
  • Recognizing attacks and reporting suspicious cases
  • Security in the private environment

Your benefit

  • Impart a basic understanding of security for all employees.
  • Create security awareness in the participants for an increased security level in their own company.
  • Refresh already known rules of conduct for secure actions within the company.


AWT.101 IT Security Awareness 


Awareness Training

 for IT security topics

Dates and registration

01 January 2033

AWT.101 IT Security Awareness

01.01.2033 - 03.01.2033
03 January 2033

AWT.102 OT Security Awareness

03.01.2033 - 05.01.2033
05 January 2033

AWT.103 Zero Downtime: Blackout Edition

05.01.2033 - 07.01.2033