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As part of Limes Academy, we offer training packages in the following areas: Security Awareness, Industrial/OT Security and Security Engineering.

Why Limes Security?

All Limes Academy classes are held by our experienced industrial security experts, bringing you a combined experience of over a decade in industrial cybersecurity through education and consulting practice. You benefit not only from excellent training content, but also from a wealth of practical experience. Additionally, every class includes practical exercises, making the respective topics even clearer and more tangible for the participants.

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Interactive training The trainings are deliberately designed to spark participant discussion. By engaging in considerations of their own and exchanging viewpoints with others, participants retain much more of the knowledge conveyed during the training.

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Training material The course materials are provided in high quality colour printing so that you can take the knowledge straight home with you.

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Actuality New incidents and security developments are reviewed and included by our curriculum experts. Benefit from the latest security knowledge.

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Inhouse classes We hold individually adapted courses for your employees.

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Professional competence All training courses are conducted by our experienced security experts which bring a great deal of experience from everyday project work.

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International security training institutes Limes Security provides security trainers for the renowned SANS institut as well as TUEV.

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Exercise labs Practical exercises are used to attack and defend.

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Certificate At the end of every training, participants receive a certificate of completion. For some courses it is possible to obtain a TÜV® personal certificate by passing an official exam.