IT/OT security and physical security must go hand in hand

IT/OT security often relies on technical measures to guarantee the security of systems. However, many of these measures are based on the assumption that systems cannot be physically accessed. Therefore, the implementation and enforcement of physical security policies is essential to fully securing assets.


Access protection

The counterpart to IT/OT security in the physical world is access protection. Whether through a plant protective service or an access system, access protection is one of the most important measures to prevent unauthorized access to systems.
Here – as with virtual access protection – it is important to allocate access rights in a targeted manner, but also to withdraw them when they are no longer needed.
In addition, employees should always address unknown persons about their presence and not allow them to be granted “just like that”.


Physical protection of interfaces

Whether USB or network interface, it is always important to protect them. With network hardware, protection is relatively easy, as there are some technical means to detect newly connected or disconnected devices.
With USB interfaces, things don’t look so rosy: The effective protection of USB interfaces on the device is very time-consuming. Especially in industrial plants, it is therefore easier to simply lock the devices away and thus prevent unauthorized access.


Clean Workspace Policy

Even more frequently than in the office, industrial plants rely on paper documents. While a tablet has long since given up, a printed work instruction often hangs in the control room of an industrial plant for years. Unfortunately, this practice is also used for critical or secret documents, i.e. documents that are nobody’s business are printed out and displayed to everyone or left at the table. Unlike an office, however, the control room cannot simply be cordoned off, so it is essential that confidential documents are removed or destroyed after they have been used for their intended purpose.


Limes recommends

Coordination with other departments such as plant security or occupational safety helps to strengthen security and awareness for the topic of OT security.

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