Industrial Security means Limes Security.

Whether PLC manufacturer, system integrator, mechanical engineer, production enterprise or utility – we are all facing the same challenges:

  1. the tight networking of machinery in Industrie 4.0 and the Smart Grid, and the increasing use of standard software by now present considerably higher security risks that can lead to many perils, from data theft to machine and production outage.
  2. Now more than ever, industrial components and networks are in the focus of security researchers, extortionist cyber criminals, industry spies, or even state-sponsors attackers.
  3. There is a lack of know-how that is required for analysing industrial systems appropriately and protecting them from attacks.

Our consultants can help you

  • discover and close security gaps in your industrial systems on time,
  • develop technical security concepts and a sustainable security organisation,
  • provide the right know-how to your personnel through targeted training in order to successfully fend off risks in daily operations.

Profit from the know-how of the leading industrial security experts of Limes Security and protect your industrial enterprise and your machinery as appropriate to your needs.