Industrial Penetration Testing – an organizational view of things at the Security Forum in Hagenberg

At this year’s Security Forum from May 2 – 3, 2018, a presentation by Limes Security GmbH will of course not be missing. With the lecture “Industrial Penetration Testing – an organizational view of things” our branch manager from Vienna, Mr. Georg Kremsner, shows how an industrial company is hacked. However, this is not a lecture for pentesters who expect a live hack. The aim is to outline the procedure of a penetration test for those responsible for systems in order to be able to have such a test carried out. What are the goals and of a penetration test? What do standards have to do with a penetration test? The Limes experts often carry out industrial penetration tests and can therefore explain well how to get from a risk analysis through preparation to the actual penetration test and what happens afterwards. The lecture also explains which tools should never be missing and why a deep grip in the hacker’s box of tricks is often not even necessary to reach the goal. Finally, Limes Security gives four steps on how the security competence of an industrial company can be strengthened in order to be well prepared against hackers.