Limes publishes article series in largest german automation magazine "SPS-Magazin"

SPS_MagazinThe largest german automation magazine “SPS Magazin” (“PLC magazine”), which just recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, has invited Thomas Brandstetter as a renowned expert in the field of industrial security, to provide a series of dedicated security articles to its large base of readers. We liked the idea to publish articles not only in security-related magazines, but also in non-security-focused industrial magazines where we believe that the awareness is still much lower among the reader base.

In the first article, Thomas introduces the series and discusses the development and current status of industrial cyber security. He refers to the problem that standard IT technologies which were introduced into the world of industrial automation, have also led to standard attacks moving into this space aggressively. He indicates, that the threat landscape has significantly changed, with automation cyber security issues being much more in focus than in the past. He details, how all players along the industrial value chain, vendors, system integrators as well as operators, have to collaborate in order to improve the overall cyber security resilience of automation systems. The first article, an interview with Thomas, was published in the October issue of SPS magazin (only available in German), and can be found here.