Security for everyone through e-learning

Security is a topic that affects all employees of a company. Unfortunately, however, it is often not feasible to have every single employee participate in a training course for half a day or longer. The solution here is obvious: time and location independent training trough e-learning modules.

Limes Security also offers the IT and OT security awareness basics in the form of e-learning modules, so that your employees can conduct the training conveniently in the office at a time that suits them.

E-Learning at a Glance

There are six modules in total, each module taking between five and ten minutes. At the end of each module there is a short repetition of the most important elements in the form of a quiz. After module 6 there is a final review of the acquired knowledge from all subject areas. The modules are provided in the standardized SCORM format and are compatible with common e-learning platforms.

The modules in detail

  • Module 1 – Information security and current threats
  • Module 2 – Unprotected areas and external persons
  • Module 3 – Information, social media and passwords
  • Module 4 – Downloads, programs and e-mails
  • Module 5 – External media, personal devices and public Wi-Fi
  • Module 6 – Detecting attacks and reporting suspicious cases

Request a Demo

Are you interested in a demo of the e-learning content? Contact us and get access to our demo e-learning software.

Pricing information

Limes Security uses a user-based pricing model for the e-learning modules. This means that you pay for exactly the number of users who need to be trained. The pricing model is also progressive. This means that the more users are trained, the lower the average price per user gets.

Please contact us and ask for matching company packages for your specific number of employees.