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Brand new: The Limes Academy list of courses 2020/21

By 3. February 2020February 10th, 2021No Comments

Digitalisation is on the rise and industrial security is becoming a key factor for companies. It is therefore essential to build and deepen the necessary security knowledge. With the new training program, Limes Security makes it easy for you to find your way into the most important security topics.

In the three areas

  • Security awareness
  • OT Security and
  • Security engineering

you will find offers for training to build up security self-competence and the most important security basics, further in-depth knowledge for decision makers and technicians, industry-specific special topics, as well as knowledge and insight for the secure development of products and software.

However, the training program of the Limes Academy has not only been expanded in terms of content. Two innovations also represent an enhancement of our range of services:

Security awareness training courses as e-learning

Limes Security provides its IT and OT security awareness basic trainings now in form of e-learning modules, so that your employees can comfortably conduct the training in the office at a time that suits them best.

Certification for selected courses in the OT security area with our accredited certification partner

The foundation and advanced level courses of the OT security training area can soon be booked with an additional certification option. This means that at the end of the training an official certification can be obtained from our certification partner.

The comprehensive course program is now available for download:

#Download list of courses