SEC.322 Wireless Security

Basic training for security software testing
Duration: 2 days
Cost: € 1576 plus VAT
Requirements: Coding skills recommended
Training Format: Public and in-house training possible

This course introduces participants to the analysis and evaluation of the security of wireless communications and the typical problems, identification of wireless signals and best practices for testing wireless communications. RF theory, software-defined radio (SDR), the basics of radio and digital signal processing are discussed to provide a solid basis for understanding the security implications in this area. Special attention is paid to possible attack methods and test scenarios. Multiple exercises facilitate rapid progress in understanding the background and allow participants to make assessments and to test wireless communication themselves. In addition, excerpts from known vulnerabilities in real world products and standards are presented to underline the importance of the topic.

Content of Training

  • Radio-frequency (RF) introduction and theory
  • Introduction Software Defined Radio (SDR) and GNU Radio
  • Receiving and sending signals
  • Signal analysis
  • Modulation types and encodings
  • Introduction to reverse engineering
  • From signal to bits
  • Replay and injection attacks
  • Attack vectors in wireless communication

After the training the participants should

  • have learned to perform a security analysis of wireless devices and identify typical problems.
  • understand the fundamentals of RF theory, SDR and digital signal processing to build a solid foundation for understanding the security implications in this area. 
  • be able to identify possible attack vectors and test scenarios. 
  • have gained insight into known vulnerabilities in wireless device products and standards.

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