1-day Industrial Security Training at S4 SCADA Security Scientific Symposium Vienna

Limes Security is one of the three training providers, conducting a 1-day ICS security training titled “ICS SECURITY APPLIED IN 1 DAY – DEFENSE & ATTACK”  at the SCADA Security Scientific Symposium (S4) Vienna. S4 is a very well-known ICS security conference series and has been run successfully by Digitalbond since 2006.

The following modules are being presented with dedicated class material as well as compelling practical exercises:

  • ICS Threat Module
  • ICS Network Security Module
  • ICS Incident Module
  • ICS Attack Module

The conference is taking place from June 8th.-10th. 2016 at the Grand Hotel Vienna.

Details to the training content as well as the S4 conference can be found here:  S4 conference and training description